Two Ways to Make Your Journal More Efficient

Here are two forms of marking your journal, to make it easier to locate something you’ve written, that I found to be interesting:

The first one I came across was an interesting blog on “journal tagging”. I was intrigued and began to search journal tagging, to see what else I could find out about it. Well, there wasn’t very much information at all. What I did find usually was written almost exactly like the first article I was directed to.

Here’s the link to the above mentioned article:

  Posted: Saturday, February 18, 2017

  Title: Writing Tip-Tagging Your Notebook

This is a link to the other site I found on this style:

If you decide to try this, be sure to use the right form of notebook, or your marks won’t line up. The type of notebook you need has a glue or solid type binding.

Here is a photo for an example of this type of binding:



The second style of marking your journal I came across was on “Bullet Journals”. This is also an interesting way to mark your journal, but it is more “in-depth” than the above way. As I searched this style, I discovered there is a lot of information on this one. There are many different ways to do this one, depending on what you want to use it for. There are some listed that are for writers, with many different variations on this style too. There was a website that is listed as: Bullet Journal, and appears to be a popular site. This style can be used with binding that has slip-in pages, or tied type binding. It looks to me like this style actually could be used with any type of binding.

This is the website I mentioned above:

These are two other sites I found to be interesting:

     Article: Bullet Journals for Writers

     Article: Book Journaling Tips (Make Writing Easier and More Fun)

This is an example of a different type of binding:

romantic black and white blank journal

As I mentioned above, be sure to use the right kind of notebook (specifically the binding it has). 

If you have a different way of marking your journal let me know, I’d love to hear about it!







Recently I came across a notebook that I’d used for some of my early stories.  I’ve always been interested in different paper notebooks, and if I see a stack of them someplace, I can’t help but pause and take a look. I find myself doing this even if I’m not looking for a new notebook, and even if I don’t really need one. There’s just something about that smell of a new notebook (and a new writing tool),  that makes me feel calm.

I  couldn’t get the notebook I had found out of my mind, and it wasn’t long before I was online looking up “notebooks”. There is so much information on notebooks, from the old leather ones, to the cheap paper ones.  Whether this is some new idea going around, or more of us “notebook users” are posting about them, I don’t know. 

Here’s an article I found on WordPress. It talks about setting up and using a “bullet journal”.  This is an interesting (and fairly new) concept to me. As of today, I haven’t set one up to use, but I do plan on doing this with my next new notebook.

If you find any interesting articles on notebooks, or tips for using them, let me know. I’m always looking for a reason to get a new notebook! ((smile))

Old-style Writing Tools


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I was reading others blogs and I came across this article from May 2016.  It was on  old fashioned/vintage tools for writing. I found it to be interesting and thought I’d share it with you.

It begins with talking about how so many writers have computers, ipads, and smartphones, and that they’re important to have now. Then it goes on to discuss fountain pens, and lists another article to find more information on them.

I enjoy writing with fountain pens- but only as a “relaxing hobby”. That’s not to say I wouldn’t love to have a ton of them around to use at my leisure.

The article then discusses old typewriters, and tells a little story about the early use of one. This brought back memories of my writing that was done a typewriter. Sadly to say, I no longer have any of those papers. So, yes I’m glad to have a computer now!

There’s a brief part about using a notebook (the paper kind) to write with. It shows a nice picture of a leather bound notebook, with a link on where to get one.

Seeing the leather journal, brings up fond memories for me. Sometimes I still take out a paper journal and write. I find this to be relaxing, and the smell of a leather one is in its own way a stimulant to my writing endeavors.

If you find these things bringing you memories, then I recommend reading the article.

Below is the link to the original article.


(Note: this image is from the above article)journal.jpg

An interesting way to organize your notebook

The other day, while scrolling through some blogs on Google+, I came across one that seemed to “speak to me”. 

Here is the link which is  on Blogger under ” write farm live (sublog)” :    

Posted: Saturday, February 18, 2017

Title: Writing Tip-Tagging Your Notebook

As an “older” writer,  I’ve used my share of notebooks. I find it a bit challenging to make sense out of them sometimes. For example, when I get ready to “piece together” all my notes into something resembling a story.  I also find my “sticky-notes” sometimes don’t make sense anymore, even to me. All these ideas, partial chapters, & notes make what starts out as something I enjoy doing, into a frustrating chore instead. 

This is why the blog mentioned above got my interest. I knew there had to be an easier way of keeping my notebook (and one that would be understandable to me when I was done with it), but until I read this blog post I didn’t know what that would be. The article talks about a technique called Tagging. The article explains this technique in detail, and that is why I’ve not tried to explain it here.  I think you’ll find this article is worth looking at and is worth reading. 

Until next time… keep writing!!


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted (last post was Nov. 2014), so I figured it was time for an update.

We’ve had a lot of changes in our family since then, and as a result of them, it’s been hard for me to write. I decided it was time to just “buckle down” and get writing again. So, I retired 4 of my previous e-books, and condensed the story into one longer book. I also decided to publish this one under my real name, not my pen-name. My goal was to have it all done (with the new one published and for sale) by February 14, 2017.

Well….. I did it!! As my Valentines Day gift to my loyal followers and readers, I now have published another book. I hope you enjoy this one as it is longer than my previous books. This is still called “Our Valley”, but is the whole story in one book instead of broken down into 4 books. Use the tabs to read a description of this book, and for a link to buy it. It is being sold exclusively on Amazon and is in e-book form. As of now, all of my e-books are sold exclusively on Amazon. This should make it easier for you, my readers, to find all of my books.

That’s all the news I have for now. Check back later as I hope to post again soon with more news…

As always,

Happy Reading!!!!


UPDATE : New Books Published!!



11 – 11 – 14      

It’s been busy for me these last few weeks. Since October 1st I’ve been working to get several more books published. My goal was to have them listed, for sale, in time for you – the reader, to enjoy during the holidays.

Well, I finished !! … There is now a total of 8 books published by author TSteel. Click on my “list of books” tab for a complete list of the titles. There you will also find a brief description of each book, and a link to purchase them.

Check back often, as several of the books will soon be listed also on:

Lulu Book Store

Amazon Kindle Book Store

Apple  iBooks

Barnes & Noble – Nook

Kobo & others

I’m working to make my books available on whatever e-book reader you use. Leave me a message if you need a different type than what I listed, and I will see is I can publish on that one.

Check out my “list of books” and see if there is something you’re interested in.

Time for me to take a deep breath, have a cup of coffee, and relax for a bit.

Until the next post, I wish you all …..

Happy Reading !!!


First Book to be Released On October 1, 2014


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School Title: The Adventures of Patches, Fluffy, & Mouse   

Available on:  Amazon Kindle Store

Description: A story about a puppy, a kitten, and a mouse, and the fun they have as they explore their surroundings. It also sets an example of how 3 very different animals can still be friends.

I enjoyed writing this book. I thought of my grandchildren as I was writing it, and this brought a smile to my face as I pictured them reading it.

Be sure to check back often, as I have a couple more books I hope to get released before Christmas.

 Thank you for stopping by, & Enjoy your reading –

T Steel (author)



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Welcome to my site! This site is still a “work in progress”, so please be patient… I plan for this to be a place to go, where there will be a list of my currently published books. I will also try to include a bit about each one, along with where to go to purchase them. My first book is almost ready to be published, and I plan on it being released before October 1, 2014. Please check back here often for updates.